The West African NGO Network (WANGONeT) was established in 2000 to harness and bring the benefits of the steadily evolving information and Communication Technology sector to Non-Governmental Organizations, Government Parastatals, Educational and Cultural Institutions and the Private Sector.
We are a knowledge based and knowledge driven organization constantly learning new ways of harnessing web and mobile technologies to drive local adoption and adaptation in relevant sectors of development.
Our operational philosophy within a measured and adaptive information and communication for development (ICT4D) framework is to conceptualize, adapt, and develop programs and projects to meet the needs of civil society organizations, governments, the private sector, as well as to undertake policy analysis and advocacy campaigns using new media tools for the public good and through the agency of our partners in development.

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Donor: Facility for Oil Sector Transparency and Reform in Nigeria (FOSTER) / DFID
Location: Niger-Delta Region, Nigeria
Period: 2012

OilSpillWitness is a Project of the FOSTER/DFID to monitor and report on the Oil Spills in the Niger Delta. The Project is jointly carried out by WANGONeT, SDN, and NACGOND. The Project also integrates with the UNEP Report carried out in OgoniLand.


6th March 2012


Research, Technical Development, Training


Facility for Oil Sector Transparency and Reform in Nigeria (FOSTER) / DFID




Niger-Delta Region, Nigeria